When Congress met to count Electoral Collage votes

When counting Electoral Collage votes, Senate and House members meet in joint session in the House of Representatives chamber. The presiding officer, Mike Pence, opens the certificates of the electoral votes from each of the states in alphabetic order and gives the votes to four tellers. The tellers reads every certificate out loud and count the votes. This process is to confirm that the new president, in this case Joe Biden, won the presidential election.

Wednesday 6th of January, supporters of the Republicans started a riot, when this event in the Congress took place. The supporters stormed the building and a massive demonstration started. Security lost control over the situation, and nor did the still going president Trump stop the riots, as the media tells. Not only did he not stop the supporters, but he also was sure that the Vice President had the power to stop congressional certifications of Joe Biden’s win in the presidential election. As a result of Trumps acts, 17 members of Congress have signed a letter to Vice President Mike Pence, asking him to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove todays president Trump from office.

As we can see, the law enforcement present was low, and demonstrators managed to force their way into the Capitol. But why? Even if the threats of violence on social media should have raised reds flags, it did not. If you compare the situation happening 6th of January compared to the BLM demonstration after Floyd’s death, you can see that the law enforcements presence was stronger on the BLM demonstration than this one. Instead, Law enforcement was opening up the barriers and took pictures with the protesters, if what media says is true. The questions are many but the answers are still few.

Even if the riot took place, the Congress still managed to declare Biden as the new president of the United States.

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